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No Love for Deliveroo ! A reflection on organising and mobilising (...)

Deliveroo strike.png A report from the New Syndicalist blog, discussing the recent Deliveroo riders' strike in Manchester. Workers (...)

Care Workers and the Sleep-in Crisis at Tipping Point

51984801_2311316809112987_4342762233235767296_n.jpg Care workers employed by care provider Alternative Futures Group (AFG) have (...)

Picket Line Lessons : The UTLA Teacher Strike

LA-strike-assembly2-700x380.jpg Members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra – Los Angeles who were involved in community mobilization in support of (...)

Stansted 15 : Judge indicates no jail time

London Stansted.jpg Stansted 15: Defendants call for terror convictions to be quashed and hostile environment dismantled These terror (...)

Interview With NZ Social Activist : Alex Pirie

Aotearoa Workers' Solidarity Movement (AWSM) interviews NZ-based social activist Alex Pirie. He discusses his personal (...)

Russian security services may have used agent provocateur to (...)

50117225_2347229285519786_4912569574391545856_n.jpg A Russian newspaper has published evidence that the FSB used a neo-Nazi agent (...)

LA Teachers Strike Over the Emptying Out of the City's (...)

classroom libcom3.jpg Following the six-day teachers' strike in Los Angeles, January 14-22, 2019, a look at union demands, contract (...)

Call of “Yellow Vests” from Paris east side

yellow-vests-demonstration-in-paris.jpg Our vests are no longer road safety suits; they have become a rallying sign to the movement (...)

Who is Arming Turkey - A map of arms industry companies in the UK (...)

who's arming turkey_page1.jpg