« A call to spread where you want ! For the accused of the Toulouse area, do not hesitate to contact us. And for the other solidarity fundings and anti-repression committees, let’s organize ourselves collectively. » —CAJ Call for international solidarity Since November 17th, an unprecedented social movement arose almost everywhere in France. We, the so-called “yellow vests protesters“ are (...)
Express solidarity in act with convicts and prisoners


"(...) we are the only anarchist organization that is based down in the south of Africa, at times we feel a bit isolated. (...) In fact some of the first trade unions and political organizations that sought to mobilize and organize black workers, and by black I mean African coloured or mixed race, as well Indian workers in southern Africa, they were influenced by anarchism and (...)
by Adrien (motmakt.no)


With media sources blaming “anarchy” for the unfolding violence in London and across England, the North London Solidarity Federation felt a response from an anarchist organisation active in the capital would be appropriate. Over the last few days, riots have caused significant damage to parts of London, to shop-fronts, homes and cars. On the left, we hear the ever-present cry that poverty has (...)
North London Solidarity Federation


This article deals with the role of what has been called the "new racism" (Barker. 1981) in the reproduction of "imagined historical borders" that excludes colonial people from access to equal rights within the core of the capitalist world-economy. Postwar Caribbean colonial migration to the metropoles provide an important experience for the examination of racial discrimination in core zones. (...)
Ramón Grosfoguel

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Montevideo, Uruguay : Paint attack on the Italian embassy (...)

Solidarity with the comrades in Turin On the morning of February 7 the police of the city of Turin deployed all their repressive (...)

Italy : Update concerning anarchists imprisoned in operations (...)

Some comrades arrested on 19.02.2019 in Trentino during the repressive operation “Renata” have been transferred to other prisons (...)

Montreal : Notes on Our March 15th Against the Police

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info I want to remember how it felt to be shook by the beauty of the crowd. Fear and anxiety (...)

Day of Wrath

In all times some must be rich, some poore, some highe and eminent in power and dignitie; others mean in subjeccion. — John Winthrop, (...)

Achieving Escape Velocity

I grew up with the idea that leaving Earth was inevitable. The Space Age had arrived and the sky was no limit. Per ardua ad astra was (...)

The Bible : Recipe for Genocide or Junk Sculpture ?

What exactly is the religious rationale for Israel as a Jewish state? Who better to ask than an America Jewish secular journalist. We (...)

Why Did This Just Happen Again ?

Another heavily-armed, sociopath fascist has carried out a carefully-planned, extremely cold-blooded, videotaped massacre. In terms of (...)

The Right Book at the Right Time

If Vladimir Putin really wanted to hurt the United States he’d send Russian bombers to drop copies of Ron Ridenour’s Russian Peace (...)

U.S. : We Will Break Your Legs

Well, not exactly like that, but in a way, yes. Now, finally, ‘the gloves are off’. The U.S. is openly threatening the historically timid (...)

The Divine Right of Dark-hearted Despots (Then and Now)

This essay was in part, inspired by—and written in memory of—William Blum (1932-2018). Blum was a comrade-in-arms, and himself one of the (...)

Reading Manifestos : Restricting Brenton Tarrant’s The Great (...)

A censorious and censoring attitude has engulfed responses to the mental airings of the Christchurch shooter. Material in connection (...)

Promoting Canadian Imperialism

Aside from government officials the dominant media is fond of quoting “experts” from foreign policy think tanks when discussing Canada’s (...)