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Gilets jaunes’ National Call // Sunday May 26th : In the street (...)

boycott-electionsRevision2-redder.jpg Following the invitation of the Assembly of Assemblies of Saint-Nazaire for action and (...)

Delfin English teachers win contract improvements after joining (...)

Did you hear about Delfin?.png After joining the TEFL Workers Union, teachers at Delfin Language School in London have won paid (...)

UPDATED - Solidarity with Detained Cuban Anarchist and LGBT (...)

Isbel-malecon2-700x430.jpg Havana, Cuba – Following tensions around the cancellation of the state sponsored LGBT march and the effort by (...)

TEFL Workers' Union launched in London

56892261_2402885166389440_6694920322933587968_o.jpg IWW members in London are building a union for all workers in the TEFL (Teaching (...)

Brazil : How things have (and haven't) changed

incêndio-jirau.jpg From the management of June 2013 uprising to Bolsonaro’s ordered revolt. Was June of 2013 really "something (...)

Striking the Gig : Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Calling For a (...)

Uber-strike-May 8.jpg On May 8th, workers are organizing a national single day strike against rideshare firms like Uber and Lyft. (...)

A dose of strategic realism ? Or how a strike-fund can be (...)

IMG_7557.JPG Taking into consideration all the discussed above, the appropriate strategic question is the following one: if a (...)

March Against Racism- SUN. 5/5/2019 Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus-antirascism-antifa.jpg Void Network expresses solidarity for all comrades and friends fighting against fascism in Cyprus and (...)

What does “climate emergency” mean ? Let’s define that OUTSIDE (...)

DtN06M1UwAAUMXF.jpg The UK parliament declares a "climate emergency" while supporting Heathrow airport expansion, fracking, (...)

L.A.’s Class Struggle Looks Like This : The Tenants Movement

salvo-la-tenants.jpg An article from Salvo, a Los Angeles working class newspaper, on recent tenants' struggles in the area. On the (...)