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“They Say in Harlan County… ” : A Look At the Miners’ Blockade Stopping Coal in its (...)

harlan-county.jpg An interview from the Earth First! Journal about the ongoing coal blockade in Harlan County, Kentucky. ...we know that we are gonna have to step outside of our comfort zone and (...)

Zealots and ditherers

demo1.jpg The UK government seems hell-bent on crashing out of the European Union without a deal on 31 October. What does this say about the politics of the ruling class? The roots of this crisis (...)

The Speech of Russian Anarchist Alexei Polikhovich in Moscow

header.jpg For Which He Is Currently Imprisoned read more

North Carolina hunger strikers thank supporters after winning concessions

HUNGER-STRIKE-JULY-31-2019-SCOTLAND1.jpg Last week, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) put out a call to participate in a phone zap campaign in support of a hunger strike to win (...)

Burgerville Workers Union Launches Strike As Negotiations Break Down

Burgerville header.jpg Members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organized into the Burgerville Workers Union officially launched a strike today as negotiations with Burgerville (...)

Summer of strikes : low-paid workers to strike at seven different locations across (...)

UVW MoJ.jpg Some of London’s most prominent institutions are bracing themselves for a summer of labour struggle, after the United Voices of the World trade union (UVW) announced that staff in (...)

Turkish State begun to deport Syrian refugees en masse back to the war zones in Syria and (...)

D__8NtLWwAAxE1u.jpg Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria wave after wave of refugees arrived Turkey. Currently there are about 4 million Syrian refugees living in several cities (...)

Deliveroo riders strike back against cuts to shifts in London, Leeds and Nottingham

London Roo strike.jpg Deliveroo riders took action across London, Leeds and Nottingham over the weekend of the 12th-13th July in response to punitive new policies from management that would cut (...)

Movie Review : GUN CITY/LA SOMBRA DE LA LEY (2018)

gun city.jpg A brief review of the movie Gun City/La Sombra de la ley (2018) "...we are soon immersed in a messy and gritty world where nobody is quite what they seem and there are multiple (...)


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