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Act For Freedom Now !

“In the chaos of our own existence we are a part of the imponderable element which organizes subversion, plans mutinies, that leave even ourselves dazed. The translation of texts, letters, communiqués, etc. so that comrades in other countries around the world can read about the desires and ideas and projectuality of the comrades in Greece, is one more weapon at our disposal. What began as a simple desire and a challenge, has brought us into a new field of experiences, acquaintances and responsibilities. Now that we’re here, they will not get rid of us easily.
We have become another aspect of the asymmetric threat. The war to the end, has already begun. …”

This is why, as individuals with our actions and solidarity, we will continue with all means possible as anarchist revolutionaryinsurrectionalists, to express our thoughts and desires, whether it’s through the letters-texts of our fighting comrades who are hostages in the hell-holes of Greek democracy or through the actions of the comrades outside in the streets day and night with all means untilsocial liberation for Anarchy.

Articles référencés

Saloniki, Greece : Communique attack in solidarity with the (...)

On Saturday 9th February we attacked the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki, and left an explosive device in front of (...)

Athens : Banners in solidarity with Asilo squat in Torin,Italy

We receive and spread: We hung a banners in Exarchia square and at the Polytechnic university , in solidarity with Asilo squat and (...)


Αναμεταδοση διεθνούς συναντησης ραδιοφωνων Την Κυριακη 17/2/19 θα γινει αναμεταδοση των κοινων εκπομπών που θα γινουν στα πλαισια της 5ου διεθνους συναντησης (...)

Greece : The Italian consulate in the city of Patras attacked (...)


Athens, Greece : Solidarity with « Αsilo Occupato » in (...)

Solidarity from Exarchia, Athens to the «Αsilo Occupato» in Torino and the 5 arrested via: mpalothia

Italy : TURIN, 7TH FEBRUARY 2019.

Translated by act for freedom now! ———————- 8th February 2019 Thursday 7th February: police storm the Asilo squat in Turin with the intention (...)

Mexico : Attacks on a Ford car showroom and the bird breeding (...)

Explosive attack on a Ford car showroom Communique received on 02/01/2019: It’s obvious that techno-industrial progress is advancing and (...)

Rovereto, Italy : Fire to the door of a church where (...)

In the night between 8th and 10th January, unknown individuals set fire to the door of the Saint Rocco church in Rovereto. The church (...)

Italy : Call for Solidarity with the Imprisoned of ”Operazione (...)

Act for free received 13.2.19 *** Summary of the recent repressive operation in Italy in connection with the resistance against the (...)

Vandalizado el monumento a la División Azul en el cementerio de la (...)

Recibido por correo electrónico El pasado viernes 8 de febrero vandalizamos el monumento a la división azul en el cementerio de la (...)