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La Resistencia Statement on Shooting Death of Northwest Detention Center Protester

end-deportation nwdc.jpg A statement from La Resistencia (formerly NWDC Resistance), a migrant defence organization, on the police killing of a person who was appears to have been trying to (...)

Cedar denied parole : updates on "hate crime policing" and repression after Hamilton (...)

fuck this free cedar.jpeg A report from North Shore Counter-Info on the situation in Hamilton, Ontario, where growing numbers of anarchists and queers have been targeted by the stateafter a (...)

The Saga Continues : Updates on Queer Resistance and Repression in Hamilton

berlin cedar.jpg An article from North Shore Counter-Info giving updates on the situation in Hamilton, where queer anarchists have been dealing with police repression after defending a local (...)

Heat-related conditions at the Allred Unit are cruel and unusual

prisonheat.jpg Imprisoned writer Jason Renard Walker reports on the extreme heat conditions that come with summer in the Texas prison system, and how the administration turns a blind eye. They do (...)

Six of the best Antifa 'terrorists', what they did to cement their places in (...)

Screenshot (194).png Anti-fascists have been using direct action against fascist regimes for decades, and often described as 'terrorists' as a result. Here we celebrate six of the best (...)

Hong Kong : Anarchists in the Resistance to the Extradition Bill

HK header.jpg An interview with Hong Kong anarchists involved in the movement against the new Extradition Bill. This interview was first posted by Crimethinc. What’s interesting in this struggle (...)

100 Inmates in Shakopee, Minnesota, Wear Blue to Support Demands Made by LGBTQ (...)

Shakopee.jpg Inside Shakopee Prison on Saturday 25th June, prisoners wore blue - the only color they can wear without getting in trouble - to protest in favor of changes demanded by LGBTQ (...)

Climate grief, climate anger

64654824_441179983381387_7716667732409712640_n.jpg Climate grief can turn to climate anger, which can be a powerful force for change The technologies exist for us to live comfortable, meaningful (...)

A Response to Police Repression Following Hamilton, ON, Pride

Pridereportbackpic-778x438.jpg The following statement from the anarchist community center The Tower responds to the recent repression against those targeted by police after clashes erupted (...)

Delaware Admits Failure, Drops Last Remaining Vaughn 17 Cases ; Retaliation Against Prisoners (...)

vaughn-graf.jpeg A report from the Vaughn 17 Support website about the collapse of the state's attempts to prosecute inmates who were allegedly involved in an uprising at the start of 2017. (...)


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