Southern African Anarchist & Syndicalist History Archive

The SAASHA site is focused primarily on collecting primary documents, source materials and publications related to the anarchist and syndicalist movement in Southern Africa.

This movement emerged from the 1880s in the Cape Colony, and grew rapidly from the early twentieth century. Its key impact was in South Africa, but it had some influence in Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Decline from the mid-1920s was marked, although not total.

The 1990s, as elsewhere, saw an important revival in South Africa, with subsequent connections in Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We reserve the right to select which materials and comments appear on this site.

Nouveautés sur le Web

Labour history Group (1984), “Organising at the Cape Town Docks”

This 1984 text, Organising at the Cape Town Docks, is notable for its discussion of the revolutionary syndicalist Industrial Workers of Africa in Cape Town from the late 1910s, and its links to (...)

Labour History Group, 1984, “Abasebenzi Basedokisini Ekapa” (Xhosa translation of “Organising at (...)

The “Labour History Group” based in Cape Town issued a series of pamphlets on the history of the working class in South Africa — more precisely, on some notable events in trade union history. For (...)

Ulrich, 2004, “Remembering and Learning from the Past : The 1976 Uprising and the African (...)

Nicole Ulrich, 2006, “Remembering and Learning from the Past: The 1976 Uprising and the African Working Class,” Zabalaza: A journal of southern African revolutionary anarchism, number 7, pp. 22-23. (...)

Ulrich, 2004, “1976 uprising : The beginning of a new era” (AIDC Alternatives)

Nicole Ulrich, June 2004, “1976 uprising: The beginning of a new era,” AIDC Alternatives (Cape Town) Get the PDF here.

A. Lerumo, 1971, “Kadalie of the ICU” – ‘African Communist’ no. 44

Reference: A. Lerumo, 1971, “Kadalie of the ICU,” African Communist number 44. Get the PDF here. This piece is a lengthy, insightful review of My Life and the ICU, the posthumously published (...)

Shawn Hattingh, 2007, “BHP Billiton and SAB : Outward Capital Movement and the International. (...)

From here Get the PDF here Citation details: HATTINGH, S. 2007. BHP Billiton and SAB: Outward capital movement and the international expansion of South African corporate giants. Available at: (...)

Profiles : Bobo Makhoba, 1975-2016, ZACF founder member

Bobo Makhoba of Soweto, South Africa, was a founder member of the Zablaza Anarchist Communist Federation (later, Front), and active in the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee, largest affiliate (...)

Profiles : Abel Ramarope, 1961-2005, South Africa

Abel Ramarope was a political prisoner from the nationalist Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), who did not receive amnesty in South Africa’s transition to a parliamentary, post-apartheid (...)

Profiles : Ousi Lawrence Zitha, 1969-2013, South Africa, TAAC

Ousi Lawrence Zitha came from Kliptown,Soweto. A factory worker much of his life, he lost his job in 2006, and became involved in anarchist political schools/ Red and Black Forums, and joined (...)

Profiles : Mandla Khoza, 1974-2019, ZACF anarchist-communist and Swaziland (...)

A pioneering member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) in South Africa and Swaziland, Mandla Khoza (“MK”) passed away in 2019, having suffered ill-health for years. See (...)
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